Xbox will celebrate GDC by inviting developers to discover innovative tools, new strategies and new ways to succeed

we have announced Microsoft game dev blog All the activities are planned for the Game Developers Conference 2023, which will be held from March 20 to 24 and will welcome creators for Xbox. These include a series of panels and one-on-one sessions, covering topics that demonstrate how Xbox helps creators and powers games.

In addition, Xbox will also hold 11 online Tech Talks for developers to share strategies for success. with speakers from the teams of Hello Anant, The last stop, let’s make a zoo, minecraft, sea ​​of ​​thieves why walheimAmong other things, these talks will provide the public with details on the creator experience and the direction of development of Xbox titles.

All technical talks will be available at on Wednesday 22 March at 17:00 CET. For more details see the announcement in Blog Microsoft Game Dev,

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