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On the occasion of Safer Internet Day, which is celebrated today, February 7, Xbox has published a blog Xbox Wire highlighted its plans to celebrate the day with the goal of educating communities about the importance of online privacy and security. At Xbox, player safety is a top priority, and teams are constantly looking for new and creative ways to educate parents, children and teens about the need for safeguards.

Xbox is excited to announce that Minecraft Education will be releasing Privacy ProdigyAn educational experience designed to teach teens about personal data and how to make informed decisions about who should access it and why.

At the same time, Xbox is also highlighting how it cares for its online communities with the help of the Two Hats Community Sift platform, powered by AI and human insight, which filters text, image and video content. Language and culture experts (native speakers who understand formal and informal language, as well as cultural and regional idioms) create, review, and maintain linguistic data that helps Community Sift determine which The language is offensive and what language is part of the jargon of the videogame or the culture of each. For example, a phrase, emoji, or series of numbers may be innocent and part of everyday speech in one place, but mean something very different, even harmful, in another.

you can check the article HereIncluding tips for families to stay safe while gaming, as well as more details on Xbox commitments.

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