Planeta Formación y Universidades joins Microsoft to bring the latest learning technology to higher education classrooms

  • Microsoft will collaborate with Planeta Formación and universities in the design of specific educational programs that include the skills, knowledge and competencies recommended by their experts.
  • The Core Entertainment Science School, belonging to Planeta Formación y Universidad, will be the first educational institution of the entity to materialize this collaboration.
  • Outstanding Microsoft professionals will become part of The Core faculty, and The Core final grad or master’s students will be eligible for the Microsoft Aspire program, through which the technology company promotes a selection of recent graduates.

Planet Training & University and Microsoft strengthened their strategic alliance by signing a new agreement aimed at combining the best learning experiences and the most advanced technological knowledge and putting them at the service of higher education students. The collaboration was signed by Alberto Granados, President of Microsoft Spain, and Carlos Jimenez, CEO of Planeta Formación y Universidades.

Through this new agreement both the organizations launch An unprecedented innovative project in the field of higher education, The collaboration, expandable in the future to 22 institutions that are part of Planeta Formación and Universities, will begin to be implemented through the Core Entertainment Science School (Corner), Europe’s first entertainment science school and belongs to Planeta Formación y Universidades, and will allow the latest Microsoft technology applied to higher education to be brought into their classrooms.

Planeta Formación y University is Grupo Planeta’s commitment to university education and professional training that is materialized in a wide range of qualifications in areas of greatest employability potential. Its institutions use a flexible methodology, able to adapt to changes and needs of the market and students, and in sustainable development; Not only with regard to the subjects and subjects to be taught, but also with regard to the manner in which they are taught.

Now, and as a result of this collaboration, Microsoft will provide CORE with information and access to technology that develops and relates to education and entertainment science and will contribute to its vision by collaborating on the design of specific educational programs, including skills. Knowledge and skills recommended by experts for students’ professional future.

Additionally, as a result of this agreement, Planeta Formación and the university will allow Microsoft to participate in the learning experiences offered by The Core and make it easier for some of the most outstanding professionals in technology to be part of the teaching staff. of the institution. The agreement also includes the possibility that core final grads or master’s students may opt for the Microsoft Aspire program, through which the technology company promotes a selection of recent graduates, and which enables selected candidates to pursue careers at Microsoft and beyond. Provides an opportunity to develop education. , Working on real projects that have real impact.

Finally, the collaboration between the two institutions includes the creation of a joint working group to define innovation models in the development of state-of-the-art teaching methods. As such, Microsoft and The CORE will evaluate the development of a pilot learning experience that relocates university teaching activity to locations and resources provided by the advanced technologies of mixed reality, digital twins or the metaverse. The working group will focus on the analysis and definition of teaching and learning activities in the virtual environment, including classes and master classes on various topics, group activities, project development, seminars, presentation of results, development of end-program projects. etc.

For Alberto Granados, President of Microsoft España, “Education has to advance in line with the needs of a society that demands digital professionals who lead the adoption and implementation of innovative technologies. Our collaboration with Planeta Formación y Universidad and The CORE will allow us to explore and advance together in educational innovation, to prepare students with the skills the labor market needs”, says Alberto Granados, President of Microsoft Spain Are.

For Carlos Jimenez, CEO of Planeta Pharmacion and Universities, “Taking forward the experience and training that we teach our students in a variety of disciplines such as communications, management, technology and data, and taking it hand in hand with a partner like Microsoft, allows us to offer our students is the most complete current offer in higher education”.

About planet building and universities

Planeta Formación y Universidades is the international higher education network of Grupo Planeta. It has twenty-two educational institutions in Spain, Andorra, France, Egypt, Italy, Morocco, Colombia and the United States. Every year more than 100,000 students of 114 different nationalities are trained through its business schools, universities, specialized high schools and vocational training centers with a wide variety of programmes, levels, subjects, modalities and languages.

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