Nueva Pescanova Group incorporates Microsoft’s mixed reality at its Arteixo plant – News Center

  • The production teams have three-dimensional holographic glasses to solve technical incidents from afar.
  • Thanks to this technology, expert engineers and technicians can visualize the problems faced by line personnel in real time, achieving speed and efficiency.

He New Peskanova GroupA Spanish company specializing in the fishing, farming, processing and marketing of seafood, has launched a Mixed Reality pilot project at its plant in Artexo (A Coruña), Notably, the company has included the HoloLens 2 glasses from Microsoft and the Dynamics 365 Remote Assist application But Facilitate remote technical support and access to production teams Technical Documentation and Training Resources,

Through this new technology, Arteixo Line’s teams can share Hologram in three dimensions of any phenomenon, Thus providing the necessary visual support so that outside experts can help solve it in a more agile and efficient manner. Thus, it is possible a Real-time collaboration between production teams and technicians and engineersthat contributes Reducing costs and increasing productivity and efficiency in solving problems.

The use of holograms allows the wearer of the mixed reality headset to see annotations and instructions on the interventions being performed, which reduces errors and speeds up complex operations. All this while keeping the expert’s hands free to perform essential tasks comfortably and safely. In addition it also provides Full access to plans, technical documents and any additional procedures or information To make the most appropriate diagnosis or intervention in each case.

Brave, a Microsoft partner, has been in charge of advising and guiding Nueva Pescanova in the adoption of this new technology, taking into account all the specificities and needs of the company. Thanks to this solution, the production team already works in one environment virtual to share or consult information and images document, among others, that it represents a qualitative leap in terms of operations and productivity.

,This initiative responds to the process of digital and cultural transformation in which we are immersed, with which we seek to move forward in terms of efficiency and sustainability and to provide teams with the tools and training they need to facilitate their work and enhance their growth provide.“, explain Marta Otero, Industrial General Director of the Nueva Pescanova Group.

About Nueva Pescanova Group

Nueva Pescanova Group is a leading Spanish company in the sector, specializing in the fishing, farming, processing and marketing of fresh, chilled and frozen seafood. It employs 12,000 people and operates in 18 countries, selling its products in more than 80 countries around the world.

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