Microsoft reimagines personalized learning with enhancements and announcement of a new range of tools for education

  • Reading Progress and Reading Coach increase fluency and improve reading expression and comprehension.
  • Search Coach and Search Progress will enable students to think critically, improve their searches, and strengthen their information literacy.
  • Speaker Coach and Speaker Progress will help students to improve their speaking and presentation skills.
  • Maths Coach and Maths Progression will help students sharpen their maths skills with more practice, real-time feedback and useful tips.
  • These tools will be integrated into Microsoft 365 for Education and Teams.
  • Microsoft has also announced updates for Education Insights Premium and Windows 11.

at their annual event Microsoft Reimagine EducationMicrosoft introduced Learning Accelerators – Learning Accelerators– A suite of personalized learning tools to help teachers create, review and analyze student progress and development across all academic subjects, to bring out each student’s full potential in a safe, private environment and integrator new category.

Individualizing each student’s learning is quite a challenge. It can be difficult to consistently identify the progress and class trend of each of them without the support of appropriate technology. Educators are faced with an increasingly diverse set of student needs, demanding a personalized approach to learning to improve literacy skills and critical thinking skills that prepare students for their future .

,By creating products, features and experiences that foster productivity and creativity, we aim to open doors for students around the world.“, Gave Assurance Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella.

Increase reading fluency and improve comprehension

To enhance reading fluency and improve student expression and comprehension, Microsoft has incorporated comprehension questions into reading progress and announced an upcoming compilation of Reading Coaches for Immersive Readers. All students can access these solutions, which are Available in over 116 languages and include Features designed inclusively,

Aside, reading coach will be integrated into immersive reader In word online, one note, Microsoft Teams Assignments, minecraft education, flip, etc. This innovation provides students with an opportunity to practice their reading fluency and receive real-time feedback, helping them to participate more fully as readers on the web and in Microsoft 365 applications supported by Immersive Reader.

On the other hand, teachers can give comprehension questions to their students reading progressAnd follow along with them, helping them improve their literacy and critical thinking.

Find a coach and progress to improve your critical abilities

Search Coach and Search Progress are learning tools that will be available in over 50 languages ​​and aims to empower students think critically, discover and strengthen their information skills, Besides, microsoft bing safe searchThe Bing search engine setting that filters out inappropriate web content is on by default, so students can only access sites that are already filtered, thus developing in a safe environment,

search coach is integrated into Teams for Education and is available worldwide and includes, among other things, real time guidance For students to efficiently query and identify and review reliable sources and customizable filters that teachers can easily set and students can use to narrow their searches.

version Preview Of search progress It will be available at the end of the year, and will, among other things, allow students to complete individual assignments, collect and incorporate sources, and make it easier for teachers to track and review each student’s progress .

,These learning accelerators allow us to make an even greater impact in what we strive to do, namely equip faculty and reach students with the best tools and learning methods. We do it on a scale that very few people in the world do“, tells Brad Smith, President and Vice President of Microsoft.

Improve public speaking and presentation skills

speaker progress why speaker coach There are Microsoft tools designed to help students improve their public speaking and presentation skills, which are important for their future:

speaker coachcontained in Microsoft PowerpointMicrosoft Teams, and LinkedIn, make it easy for students to privately practice and mentor how to present, helping them gain confidence, reduce presentation anxiety, and use critical thinking skills.

speaker progresswhich will be available in the version Preview Saves teachers time by streamlining the process of creating, reviewing, and analyzing speaking and presentation assignments within Teams for Education during the 2023-2024 school year.

improve students’ mathematical knowledge

math coach why math progresswhich will be available in the version Preview Microsoft Teams for Education, in the 2023-2024 school year, provides students with more practice, real-time feedback and helpful tips, as well as helps teachers streamline the assignment and review process.

math coach Breaks down each part of a math problem – with textual explanations and more detailed operations for each step – so students think more critically about how and why they arrived at a particular solution.

math progress Helps teachers generate questions, identify challenging concepts for students, and provide personalized feedback and support more effectively.

Education Insights Premium and Windows 11 Upgrade

Microsoft also announced Updates in Education Insights Premium and Windows 11:

Education Insights Premium included in all versions of Microsoft 365 EducationIncluding a free license of Office 365 A1.

Education Insights Premium enables educational leaders to monitor student academic progress and well-being to help improve learning outcomes with actionable insights. Built with the highest data privacy and security standards in mind, as is required of a product for an educational environment, it helps educational institutions improve student learning while maintaining compliance with industry standards.

in connection with the news windows 11Now, students can quickly and easily sign in across their devices with third-party identity providers like Clever and Google through the Easy Sign-In feature, which Microsoft expects to be available later this month. windows 11 pro education,

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