Microsoft Ignite 2022: Focus on Microsoft Cloud, AI and security tools to improve efficiency and productivity

The cloud, AI, security and hybrid work are the key themes of this edition

Milan, October 13, 2022 – It has started LightMicrosoft’s premier conference dedicated to the business world during which Microsoft introduces products and updates designed to help customers, partners, and developers embrace the motto “do more with less” thanks to microsoft Cloud, speed up digitization processes. In this moment of global uncertainty, companies are precisely called to efficiency by improving their performance.

At the center of the event the technological solutions accompanied by the announcement of beyond 100 new services and updates designed to create a scalable infrastructure take advantage of artificial intelligence capabilitieshelp companies to grow in the new job landscape and ensure end-to-end security.

Below are the main announcements and news that will be presented during the three days.

A functional infrastructure for every customer with Microsoft Azure

Microsoft keeps improving the way microsoft azure integrates with data infrastructure and services so customers can run their business efficiently and resiliently. In May, Microsoft announced Microsoft Intelligent Data Platform, which integrates the best database, analytics and data governance solutions for a seamless experience. Today’s announcements let you add layers of intelligence to apps, unlock predictive insights, and govern data everywhere. This platform sees the addition of 12 partner to the ecosystem.

  • Developers can work with new open source and cloud-native data solutions. Azure Cosmos DB is expanding beyond NoSQL to support distributed PostgreSQL, Azure Cosmos DB everything developers love about PostgreSQL.
  • The Availability of SAP Change Capture Data Connector in Azure Data Factory allows customers to input data from SAP for advanced analytics. The new Azure Data Factory Microsoft Graph data connector for Microsoft 365 datasets migrates data from Office to Azure to take advantage of collaboration and productivity insights.
  • Microsoft scope combines unified data governance with risk and compliance solutions. business workflownow available, and business metamodelNow in preview, they make it easy to maximize the business value of data and drive cross-functional data governance.

With Microsoft’s hybrid and multicloud offerings, the company enables customers to take advantage of Azure capabilities wherever they are, from new capabilities to deploying Azure Kubernetes Service on-premises. Either azure bow. Microsoft continues to invest in this direction to build a strong infrastructure and today announces the availability of Azure public multi-access edge computing.

Harness the power of Artificial Intelligence

Microsoft is also announcing a number of updates to AI-powered tools and services, including:

  • Azure OpenAI service, part of the Azure AI planwill offer a guest access to DALL-E 2a model that allows users to use content, images and code to bring visual ideas to life, all from simple text.
  • Fraud power automation, Microsoft simplifies workflows by using the power of AI in everyday natural language. With this solution, Artificial intelligence helps turn low-code into no-codemaking it easy to create different types of automation.
  • The introduction of Microsoft Syntex It integrates offerings from across the Microsoft cloud, from Microsoft 365 and Azure to Power Platform and Microsoft Purview. Syntex reads, tags and indexes automatically large volumes of content and connect them where they are needed in context.
  • Microsoft Intelligent Document ProcessingPowered by AI Builder and Power Automate, it enables end-to-end document processing without the need for code, automating processes and optimizing worker time.
  • With more and more salespeople on the move and participating in digital meetings, Microsoft is making the decision conversational intelligence free for Dynamics 365 Sales Enterprise and the new version of Viva Salesoffering them insights to be more productive, reducing the time spent managing administrative aspects

Helping organizations thrive in the new world of work

According to data from the recent Microsoft Work Trend Index, today’s leaders must end the so-called “productivity paranoia,” accept that people come to the office to socialize, and be prepared to retain their employees through training and coaching. increase. opportunities.

Also at Ignite, Microsoft is announcing some new features related to Microsoft 365, Microsoft Teams, and Microsoft Viva, to underscore how essential it is for businesses that want to maintain a competitive edge. attract and retain more motivated and engaged employees.

  • microsoft presents Microsoft Placesa new app designed for the office that optimizes the use of physical space. Places provides information on when team members will be in the office or which meetings are best suited to be held in person.
  • Fraud microsoft edge The company continues to invest in different experiences that simplify the workday. Microsoft Edge workspaces it’s a shared set of browser windows where groups can see the same websites and latest work files in one place, updating them in real time.
  • new features of Microsoft equipment:
    • Data from the Work Trend Index shows that 51% of Gen Z plan to work in the metaverse in the next two years. With Team Mesh Avatarusers will be able to create custom avatars, so they can take a break from the camera without giving up their “physical” presence in Teams meetings.
    • Microsoft today announces the addition of Cisco as a certified Teams Rooms device partner. For the first time, Teams meetings will be available natively on Cisco certified meeting devices.allowing customers to set Teams as their default meeting experience.
    • Premium Equipment Offer: will include the function of smart summary, which through Artificial Intelligence will be able to assign tasks after meetings, automatically generating meeting notes and sharing personalized information from the recording. Teams Premium will also offer the functionality of real-time translation for subtitles, which thanks to AI tools will allow meeting participants to view them in 40 available languages. This service, along with other new features, will be provided as part of the new Teams Premium plugin, which is sold separately.

Comprehensive security for everyone, everywhere

Protecting your business from growing security threats is a top priority. According to Gartner, spending on information security and risk management will grow to $172.5 billion in 2022 and $267.3 billion in 2026[1]. with the solutions Microsoft security multicloudthat leverages threat intelligence from the 43 trillion signals that Microsoft intercepts every day[2], businesses can simplify their approach to security, saving up to 60% in costs. At Ignite, Microsoft announces new solutions to help businesses address security threats.

  • thanks to the new Advocate for DevOps Enterprises will be able to protect applications as they are built, giving developers the confidence that they can anticipate vulnerabilities and provide a more secure solution.
  • Fraud Microsoft Enter the company is introducing identity and access management solutions designed to work securely across multiple cloud platforms. Microsoft Identity Governance Enter helps organizations ensure that the right people have access to resources at the right time. Inside Enter Identity, Workload Identities controls and protects the identities of digital workloads, such as applications and services, and controls user access to cloud resources, while certificate-based authentication allows customers to adopt phishing-resistant authentication that is easily implemented.
  • To support companies’ internal risk protection efforts to keep sensitive data safe, Microsoft is expanding the family of solutions. Microsoft scope for data governance, risk and compliance. Today Microsoft announces the general availability of Microsoft Purview Information Protection for Adobe Document Cloudthat combines the power of native classification and tagging with the power of Acrobat to seamlessly protect PDFs.
  • microsoft deals Power Platform managed environmentsthat enables organizations to widely deploy low-code to drive innovation, while ensuring IT administrators maintain control and security over low-code deployments, allowing teams to build applications at scale without the hassle of security.
  • To protect sensitive data, robust security against external threats and internal risks relies on well-managed endpoints. The suite of premium solutions to help strengthen endpoint security, improve user experience, and lower total cost of ownership come together in microsoft intunethe cloud-based unified management solution that will support endpoints in the cloud, on-premises, and across all device platforms.
  • Microsoft is also introducing the public preview of Automatic interruption of attacks by Microsoft 365 Defender, which helps the Security Operations Center (SOC) protect organizations effectively. Using the power of extended detection and response (XDR), Microsoft 365 Defender, available in a Microsoft 365 E5 license, correlates trillions of signals across identities, endpoints, email, documents, cloud applications, and more to detect attacks. ongoing, such as ransomware and financial fraud.

More details about Ignite’s announcements can be found in the news book dedicated. You can also watch Satya Nadella’s keynote speech on demand.

[1] Gartner forecasts that global spending on risk and security management will exceed $150 billion by 2021.Gartner, May 17, 2021.

[2] cyber signsMicrosoft, 2022.

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