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  • NGO ChangeX and Microsoft launch a new edition of their Madrid Citizen Challenge, after supporting 14 projects with social impact in the community during 2022
  • Applicants, who opt for funding of up to €5,000 for their activity, can choose from a portfolio of predetermined social projects, or propose their own initiative in the area of ​​sustainability or skills development.
  • The program proposes projects such as opening a meeting place to repair things instead of throwing them away, or planting fruit trees in public areas.
  • You can see pictures of some of the 2022 projects, Here,

Microsoft and ChangeX, an international NGO dedicated to neighborhood empowerment, have launched the second edition of their madrid citizen challenge Funding with up to 5,000 Euros social projects developed by local groups, schools and associations wishing to create neighborhoods that are active and prosperous, involved in the community of Madrid.

The Madrid Citizen Challenge will support up to 15 teams to launch new social projects. Each team can choose their own initiative from the list of shortlisted ideas, or propose their own project in the area of ​​sustainability or skill development.

Among the eligible startup ideas are:

  • Repair Cafe: Set up a meeting place where neighbors can volunteer, find tools, materials and help make free repairs instead of throwing away clothes, furniture, bicycles or electrical appliances.
  • first lego league: An educational and interactive program that allows students of all ages to develop skills related to robotics, engineering and math in a fun way.
  • murals for communities: It proposes to revitalize the neighborhood through collaboratively developed artistic murals.
  • Open Garden: A London-born initiative to plant fruit trees in public spaces, greening the urban environment and giving away free fruit to local residents.
  • we count: Anyone can measure air pollution on their street with low-cost sensors, computers and software. And with these measurement data, a citizen or group of citizens can get in touch with the local administration and advocate for more sustainable mobility in the area.

Local groups presenting themselves to receive donations will have 30 days to build a team and an action plan. After completing these previous steps, they will be eligible to receive up to 5,000 Euros depending on the project.

With this initiative, Microsoft wants to establish a positive link with the places where it sets up data centers, while contributing to community development in the community of Madrid. The company plans to open three data centers in the cities of Algete, Meco and San Sebastián de los Reyes.

The Microsoft Community Empowerment Program, which funds this Citizen Challenge, is an initiative of the company’s Citizen Development team. The alliance with ChangeX allows Madrileños to make a positive impact in their neighborhoods in innovative ways.

“The success of the first edition of the Madrid Citizen Challenge confirms that this initiative makes a significant contribution to community development. We are sure that in this second edition, in which we will present new project options in the field of environmental sustainability and the development of digital skills introduced, we will achieve even greater influence and participation. explain Carlos de la Iglesia, director of corporate development at Microsoft.

The Madrid Citizen Challenge is open to all residents of the Community of Madrid. It opens on March 13 until April 28. In the rest of the world, ChangeX, with support from Microsoft, has funded over 500 community social projects in the United States and Europe (Austria, Denmark, Ireland, the United Kingdom and Sweden, as well as Spain).

14 projects to be funded in 2022

This is the second edition of the Madrid Citizens Challenge, which funded 14 projects in Madrid and other places in the community in 2022. Some examples of initiatives developed include:.

  • Repair Cafe. In Algate, a Repair Cafe was established last year, which a group of volunteers opens to the public every Thursday in the municipal building. “And they repair all kinds of things: small appliances, clothes, toys. We even repaired a telescope!” After receiving donations to get it started, explains Patricia Torralba, the project’s promoter.
  • Robotics Classes. At the Asturias school, in the Vallecas neighborhood, 43 boys and girls between the ages of 11 and 12 “learned not only programming and robotics, but also how to work cooperatively, resolve conflicts in teams, organize themselves … told Lorena. Tejado, coordinator of the First Lego League project, which she has implemented in the Educational Center with funds from the Madrid Citizen Challenge.
  • Urban Art. The Madrid neighborhood of Esperanza has a new mural, designed collaboratively with more than 125 volunteers and students, thanks to the Impersible Design Team, beneficiaries of the Fund in 2022.

About ChangeX

ChangeX is a citizen mobilization platform designed to help citizens obtain funding and resources to lead change projects in their communities.

The ChangeX team works with social innovators to implement proven solutions to large-scale economic, social and environmental challenges. To do this, it partners with companies and foundations that provide the necessary funding.

Change X is an NGO headquartered in Dublin, Ireland with offices in the United States.

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