Microsoft Brings Sustainability and Innovation to the Agriculture Value Chain with Azure Data Manager for Agriculture

  • The new solution leverages high-quality data sets to accelerate the development of sustainable digital solutions for agriculture.
  • To feed the world’s growing population sustainably and efficiently, the way we produce food must change.
  • Organizations such as Bayer or Land O’Lakes are already using Microsoft tools to study the impact of farming practices and improve the sustainability of the food value chain.

Microsoft has announced the availability of Azure Data Manager for Agriculturein version Preview, This is a commercial development of the new device Farmbeats ProjectA data-driven agriculture initiative that Microsoft was working on enabled the collection and transformation of data to improve the performance of farmers.

With Azure Data Manager for Agriculture, Microsoft supports the agriculture industry at a critical time. Although food is plentiful in many areas of the world, the number of hungry continues to grow In recent years. To feed the world’s growing population sustainably and efficiently, the way we produce food must change. From farms, where improving agricultural practices can help mitigate climate change, to store shelves, where customers are looking for products with the lowest carbon footprint, the food and agriculture value chain from a sustainable innovation model must be redefined.

To make the most of innovation in this area, it is essential to start with data. Extends the capabilities of Azure Data Manager for Agriculture Microsoft Intelligent Data Platform With industry-specific data connectors and the ability to access information from a variety of sources, it’s easier for organizations to Leverage high quality data sets and accelerate the development of digital solutions for agriculture, Instead of devoting their resources to managing unstructured data, Microsoft customers and partners can focus on product innovation, empowered to make decisions based on the wealth of data that is already available.

Organizations can use first-party, third-party, or Microsoft Intelligent Data Platform services to accelerate the journey to business intelligence and analytics solutions. With a connected ecosystem of partners building solutions on Azure Data Manager, it is a Another step towards a connected and collaborative agriculture industry,

driving innovation with data

Many organizations do not have the resources to be able to effectively exploit the vast amount of relevant data generated on the farm, from sensors on the ground to satellites orbiting the planet. Azure Data Manager for Agriculture helps break down these silos and enables organizations to build solutions that provide predictive and prescriptive information on soil conditions, changing weather patterns, waste traceability or carbon storage.

For example, Bayer Azure Data Manager leverages satellite data and weather forecasts to gain insight into factors affecting crops.

In addition, Bayer makes its expert knowledge available to its customers through AgPowered Services, a set of solutions that aggregate data from Azure Data Manager, with which they can access accurate information on the status and growth of crops or weather forecast data. provide information. He Strategic Agreement with Microsoft makes it possible to Harden Azure Data Manager With the knowledge that Bayer has and allows organizations to meet the current challenges of agriculture.

“Azure Data Manager for Agriculture is a significant step forward in accelerating the impact of big data in agriculture. With insights based on high quality data, we expect a value chain that is easier to predict, more transparent And most importantly, value is shared throughout the value chain, starting with the producers.Number Jeremy Williams, head of climate and digital farming at Bayer Crop Science,

For a more sustainable and transparent future

Feeding a growing global population while making the world healthier is only possible when sustainability goes from farm to fork. With Azure Data Manager, you can launch solutions that encourage farmers to adopt more sustainable practices. For example, Azure Data Manager for Agricultural Land is a core component of O’Lax’s digital offering, which also includes the TrueTera sustainability tool. This solution provides insight into how different farming practices affect water, nitrogen and carbon From a farm, it makes it easy for farmers to map soil carbon storage and participate in carbon markets.

“Through our collaboration with Microsoft, we provide new services to farmers to improve their operations and so they can deliver quantized data to their customers, and improve sustainability”According to Teddy Bekele, Chief Technology Officer, De Land O’Lakes,

Build trust based on transparency

Both consumers and investors are putting pressure on companies to be transparent about their farming and sustainability practices. By having a clear view of on-farm operations, organizations can take a critical step forward and provide more accurate information to stakeholders as well. Help them build brand trust with ethically and sustainably sourced products, As security and privacy concerns grow, organizations can rest easy knowing that their data is stored in a trusted cloud, built to meet the most stringent security and compliance requirements.

Another step in Microsoft’s commitment to sustainability

Azure Data Manager for Agriculture is another element of Microsoft’s commitment to making the planet more sustainable. With his next venture, Project FarmVibes, Microsoft Research developing AI toolkits and models, available at microsoft open sourceSo that the scientific, academic and business community can advance in agricultural innovation.

Microsoft has also released Microsoft Cloud for SustainabilityWhich makes it easier for companies to improve their sustainability objectives and grow their businesses by offering a set of ESG capabilities – environmental, social and corporate governance – built by Microsoft and its ecosystem of partners.

in more detail Post de Kees Hertog, Microsoft General Manager, Global Industry Product Marketing.

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