Microsoft and the Asply Foundation will provide free digital training in AI, cyber security and data science to around 10,000 young people in Spain.

  • Unemployed young men and women, and people in vulnerable situations, will receive digital training and certification in Microsoft technologies to improve their employability.
  • The ConectaIA project is linked to the company’s investments related to the upcoming opening of its cloud sector in Spain.

Esply Foundation why Microsoft They have taken a step further in their collaboration and have expanded their Innovative Training Programs Offering unemployed young men and women, and people in vulnerable situations, free of charge, training, certification and job orientation in the techniques that are most sought after by Spanish companies.

The collaboration aims to help around 10,000 people in Spain through opportunities for training, certification and expertise in employment-oriented digital skills. It is a high social impact project and contributes directly to five of the United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals.

The initiative has a special focus on training in cloud and data technologies (Azure), artificial intelligence and cyber security, areas in high demand for talent and which offer a high number of job opportunities in Spain.

“One of the key steps needed to boost our economy is facilitating access to digital skills to fill jobs in areas such as AI, data science or cyber security. Companies increasingly demand more qualified professionals and these types of skills will be essential to work not only in the technology sector but in any type of industry. We must bet on a talent that is inclusive and open and that leaves no one behind”, Number Enrique Ruiz, Microsoft’s Chief Employment Officer in Spain,

“Digital empowerment of citizens includes acquiring and improving the skills that are essential to work and function in today’s society. Our commitment is to support and accompany those who have the most difficulties and we do this in a network with various social agents, such as Microsoft, to improve people’s lives. Confirmation Joel Ferrer, Director of Training and Employability at the Esply Foundation.

Official certifications that help improve employability

The training that is offered is tailored according to the official itinerary defined in the training platform learn microsoft and includes preparation for official Microsoft certification exams (Azure Fundamentals; Azure Data; Azure AI; Security, Compliance, and Identity; Security Operations Analyst; and Microsoft Office Specialist, among others). Pearson VUE Study, people with official certification earn an average of 15% more than their non-certified colleagues. According to this analysis, 23% of those who received the certification were able to find new employment in the same industry and 21% achieved a promotion or job advancement.

The Esply Foundation is in charge of delivering courses and training, managing certifications and providing employment guidance in collaboration with around forty social organizations in the nine autonomous communities that make up the platform. network connect, Microsoft has partnered for more than twenty years with organizations such as the Asply Foundation and the Red Conecta platform, which work with the aim of bridging the digital divide through networking, participation and advocacy to achieve equality in the digital sphere .

More information about the courses available at, Home Connect IA – Connect_IA (

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