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  • The company has announced new AI capabilities based on GPT to help sellers respond to their customers’ emails more efficiently and effectively.
  • Viva Sales now generates a draft response for various situations, integrating customer data from the connected CRM: for example, answering a question or creating an offer, with information specifically relevant to each user, such as That price, promotion and deadline.
  • New GPT capabilities leverage state-of-the-art natural language technology to automatically generate call summaries, detect questions, calculate conversational KPIs, extract action items, and more.

Microsoft advances the use of artificial intelligence to help users forget about repetitive tasks and focus on bigger challenges, such as making relevant connections, building trust or building long-term relationships, among other objectives. For this the company has announced the news live sales, its solution is designed to enhance any CRM platform thanks to artificial intelligence and process automation. Microsoft has integrated new functionalities based on GPT with the aim that sellers can respond to their customers’ emails efficiently and effectively.

According to a recent study by Futurum, conducted in conjunction with Microsoft, salespeople spend more than 66% of their work day communicating with their customers. Now, thanks to what’s new in Viva Sales, they’ll have sample emails for different scenarios – answering a question or making an offer – with data specifically relevant to the recipient – such as price, promotion and timing Limit. By automatically having personalized content for each position, sales reps can be more effective, spending less time writing emails and searching peer sales data or databases.

taking advantage of the capabilities of Azure OpenAI Service y gpt, live sales Contains rich, people-centric cloud information and data. Remind salespeople of the best time to follow up with a lead, then automatically generate a personalized email response and provide options for next steps with product details, offers and date ranges. Similarly, Viva Sales suggests a variety of responses in real time while replying to an email and the salesperson can choose from a number of options such as: Answer a question, Offer a discount, Create a proposal, Address a concern To solve or suggest your own question.

Viva Sales additionally generates a draft response that integrates email details and customer data from Connected CRM: the response is enriched with the combined data microsoft graphthat provides access to information and data from the Microsoft cloud, such as Microsoft 365, windows why Microsoft Enterprise Mobility + Security, and Customer Relationship Management System (CRM, either Microsoft Dynamics 365 or Salesforce®). This way, they no longer need to switch between their CRM system and Microsoft 365 to improve their overall communication and get a better user experience.

Image 1. Scenario for automatically generated answers.
Fig. 2. Examples of automatically generated responses.

Finally, new GPT capabilities strengthen existing conversational intelligence capabilities: leverage next-generation natural language technology to automatically generate call summaries, detect queries, calculate conversational KPIs, or extract elements from action . With this suggested content added to the email, sellers can focus on the highest priority tasks.

Responsible AI

Microsoft is committed Building responsible AI systems by design, Their work is guided by a core set of principles: fairness, credibility and security, privacy and security, inclusion, transparency and accountability. You are already putting these principles into practice across the company, to develop and implement AI with a positive impact on society. The company takes a cross-cutting approach through cutting-edge research, best-in-class systems engineering, and excellence in policy and governance. Hand in hand with Open AI and its research AI AlignmentMicrosoft is advancing a framework for the secure implementation of its AI technologies with the goal of guiding the industry toward more responsible outcomes.

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