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L’Oréal has become the largest cosmetic brand in the world. And to maintain that status it’s important to continue training your team, wherever they are, without compromising on the satisfaction of your customers. That’s why the company has increased its use Microsoft Teams For frontline workers in your store, improving their collaboration and allowing them to stay coordinated in a more integrated and integrated environment. It has also introduced the Shifts app in Teams with an aim to increase efficiency and maintain a balance of the various roles played by its beauty consultants.

Addicted to multitasking, Jennifer Hart, a multi-brand beauty consultant at L’Oréal Luxe, uses Microsoft Teams to collaborate daily with other consultants in the UK, sharing the latest news instantly:”Now that we’re all using Teams, we’re more productive and able to achieve a true work-life balance.”,

Create a two-way information flow

Relations between L’Oréal’s beauty consultants have improved and flown in two directions. On the one hand, office workers receive relevant information directly from the store, where beauty consultants interact with customers every day. ,That contact is constant »says Cyril Chapuy, president of L’Oréal Luxe, a division of the company. ,Beauty consultants are the people who know our customers best. The fact that they can use Teams to exchange ideas and communicate with HQ is a huge plus.”,

On the other hand, these store employees receive important information like sales targets and weekly reports from the office through Teams, which helps them stay up to date with business developments in their stores. ,Before using Teams, we also relied on email or physical mail to receive reports of goals and statistics », He says. ,Now, I use Teams to access all the information in one place and make sure we’re on track to achieve our goals.”, For Jennifer Hart, one of the main benefits of Teams is how it helps her focus her time on customers: “AI access everything I need on one device, so I never have to leave the sales floor, I put in more time to do what really matters to me, which is to provide superior customer service.”

Build new relationships and prioritize balance with Teams

Nicolas Koller, Head of Retail IT at L’Oreal, knows that the right technology has the power to unify a global organization and enhance the customer experience. ,Every L’Oréal beauty consultant needs to have a sense of brand ownership and it’s hard to get there without technology.”I assure you. ,That’s why we use Teams to create an environment that helps teams turn into the best brand ambassadors they can be.»,

To achieve this, Nichols and his colleagues have launched custom homepages in Teams for each beauty consultant. ,It’s an intense environment that gives them the right information at the right time.”, The organization has also improved the onboarding of new talent thanks to the combination of teams why Azure Active Directory, which L’Oréal uses to automatically assign an identity to new employees. ,A store associate who joins the company will automatically receive a digital identity, thanks to Azure Active Directory. It is a very agile and easy-to-use approach”explain.

Expanding the use of Teams to store employees is a big step toward creating a more integrated business. ,Connecting beauty consultants with brands and people working in offices has had a really disruptive effect.”Nichols says. Jennifer Hart, for her part, notes that she can now easily chat with people from across the region, and even with teams based in other countries.

Previously, store employees had to connect multiple platforms to communicate with each other and receive memos from head office about training, product launches and promotions. They also used social networks such as Facebook, WhatsApp and Instagram for communication. Everything is in one place, now with Teams, “Communications are more comfortable and manageable”Jennifer explains. Plus, by not changing platforms, they don’t waste time and are more efficient.

Maintain an efficient and aligned global company with Shifts

With busy schedules and multiple responsibilities, L’Oréal’s frontline employees now use shifts app To delegate tasks across teams, stay on top of project status, and balance roles. ,With this app, I can be more efficient, sending tasks to my colleagues in real time and easily checking their status, instead of sifting through communications and documents to find what needs to be done.Jennifer assured.

On their part, Nicolas Koller and his team also use the Shifts application, among other Microsoft tools, to achieve a more cohesive global organization. ,The retail distribution business is defined by the tasks that must be performed every day»Nichols explains. ,We use these tools to manage such activities and ensure that they are executed in the same manner everywhere. It is about harmonizing and streamlining the process”, Although L’Oréal is currently in the early stages of implementation, Nicolas is pleased with the potential the tool offers direct contact with beauty consultants all over the world.

As a beauty consultant, Jennifer has also found a way to simplify scheduling in Microsoft Solutions. ,I use the shift app Being aware of what’s happening in store when I’m not there and creating a more structured schedule directly for me and my team»,

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One comprehensive solution for all frontline workers

With 36 brands and 88,000 employees, L’Oréal is a global beauty company that uses technology to create a very strong culture. ,All part of the teams as gateway. It is a tool used by beauty consultants around the world, we can expand the scope of the service, for example, to offer online teaching, payroll and sales information in real time on the platform »Nichols says.

,We want to bring something new to our employees that can really enhance their skills and create a sense of connection to L’Oréal. That’s why we decided to extend the Teams platform to the frontline employees of the company.”Nichols concluded, describing the teams as a “live product“, with infinite potential for new possibilities.

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