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We have good news regarding the upcoming update of 1.20 minecraft of this year. The following contents, declared through minecraft.net In the last days, they will soon be available in a test version (snapshot) for Minecraft Java and in preview form for Minecraft Bedrock at a later date. if you are not familiar with snapshot and preview, these allow players minecraft Test new features before they are released in the game. These new features are still in development, so we encourage the Minecraft community to share your feedback and report any bugs you find before it’s released.

Below you have been given information about all three announcements. These new features have been announced via their respective Minecraft blog posts (link below) and will be available starting February 15th.

  • Archaeology: expected archeology setOriginally Featured in Minecraft Live 2020 and later postponed, officially arrives minecraft In update 1.20. Archeology includes several features that together will heighten the sense of mystery in the world the players are living in. Players will get a new type of arena -Suspicious sand- Near the desert temples, and using a new tool, the brush, they would be able to remove suspicious sand blocks to find hidden tools, bones, snuff eggs, and pottery shards. The latter have partial patterns, and up to four pieces can be joined together to create a patterned vessel that tells a unique story.
  • sniffer: winner of minecraft live mob vote of 2022 Come to the Overworld! The ancient creature has returned from extinction. eggs of Handkerchief They can be found in new archaeological sites near desert temples. Players can hatch newly dug eggs and obtain a baby snifflet, which will grow into a giant sniffer. The new horde can track down the Ancient Seed from when it once roamed the Overworld. The new seeds will become unique ornamental plants.
  • cherry blossom biome, Happy Valentine’s Day from Minecraft! It’s time to light up your world with vibrant pink! Introduction to the newly added biomes minecraft, cherry blossom biome, These beautiful trees fill the horizon with a brilliant hue of pink. Of course, these new trees can also be broken down and made into a complete set of wood, including new hanging banners and cherry saplings to grow these pretty pink trees.

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