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  • The hotel group has moved all its internal and external operations to Microsoft Azure to accommodate high demand peaks of the tourism sector amid changing trends.
  • The transformation plan also includes modernizing its internal applications, which are deployed as microservices in Kubernetes containers, thus avoiding latency in communications.
  • This project, which means a significant development in three years, is developed by Logicalis, a Microsoft partner. It has also deployed a security and governance side project supported by Microsoft Sentinel.

COVID-19 had a profound impact on tourism activity. As the third global power, the sector was heavily weighted in the Spanish economy until 2020, when it suffered a 69% decline, according to Statista data. In this complex environment, when more than half of tourism entrepreneurs do not expect to recover their billing level by 2023, Grupo Piñero embarks on an ambitious migration project – from an infrastructure for all its operations, internal and external -on campus For Microsoft Azure Cloud.

The group, which has a track record of almost 50 years, 15,000 employees and a turnover of more than 6,000 million Euros, opted for Cloud Microsoft public to adjust to the new landscape of high demand peak. In this way, it managed to reduce its IT costs by 20% in just a few months, while simultaneously making a significant leap forward in terms of sustainability, as Microsoft Azure is up to 98% more efficient in terms of carbon emissions. than solution -on campus Traditional, allowing to increase the efficiency in the use of energy up to 93%.

Mateo Ramon, CIO of Pinero Group, said: “We have found our transition to Microsoft Cloud to be a significant relief in the face of the very adverse situation that the pandemic had drawn. An outstanding infrastructure that did not respond to the needs arising from changes in the behavior of our customers was holding back the growth of our business. Cloud has been a boost that we have taken advantage of to make a qualitative leap which has made our operations streamlined and more flexible.

from adversity to opportunity

Logicalis, a Microsoft partner, analyzed Grupo Piñero’s situation, proposed an ambitious transformation plan, and orchestrated the entire process. with an infrastructure Cloud Integrated as a pillar and driving opportunities and results with the group’s application modernization on top, the organization has upgraded all its applications – both internal and external – based on Red Hat’s OpenShift technology on Microsoft Azure . Moving to a microservices model based on Kubernetes has helped it avoid latency in communication between its various resources and economies of scale.

“We’ve made a qualitative leap in IT with a direct impact on the business and our results. Microsoft Azure public cloud has given us greater flexibility and adaptability in a sector that has gone through major changes in trends and is adapting to a new landscape.” In the same way, we can now reconcile costs and revenues, as well as adjust IT resources to business progress and demand peaks.” points out Enrique Sureda, head of systems at Grupo Pinero.

Security and governance to strengthen security

In parallel with the main project, Grupo Piñero has developed another program with Logicalis to strengthen its deployment in the cloud with security and governance solutions. Their goal is to achieve complete traceability and visibility into everything that happens in the cloud.

Among the solutions the group selected, Microsoft Sentinel stands out, which accelerates response to threats through the use of artificial intelligence mechanisms. The platform incorporates Security Information and Event Management (SIEM) for the collection, storage, and analysis of security data from multiple sources—such as devices, applications, users, and networks—; as well as Security Orchestration Automated Response (SOAR) mechanisms to automate and coordinate response actions to threats that may put business activity at risk.

About Grupo Pinero

Pinero Group is a Spanish multinational company of family origin, founded in 1977. Currently with a team of more than 15,000 professionals, the group has evolved to expand its value proposition beyond the tourism sector, structuring its activity into three. Business units with the aim of maximizing synergies and guaranteeing consistency in the quality and innovation of their products and services. Living Resorts includes its hotel activity, residential complexes and golf courses in Spain and the Caribbean under the Bahía Príncipe brand. and activities under the Coming2 brand. Finally, the Mobility Division groups together other destination mobility services, among which stand out in its commitment to the development of sustainable mobility.

Grupo Pinero aims to create exciting experiences. To make this possible, a commitment to responsible management that allows us to provide the best experience to customers and employees and actively contribute to society as a whole, with sustainability and sustainable development as the central axis and its strategy Innovation as a fundamental pillar of .

About Logicalis

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