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  • The Corporate Division, which integrates five major companies in the food industry, has integrated its sources of information into Azure, driving 12% faster decision making, 35% faster access to data and 26% time savings. ,
  • Familia Martinez has implemented Azure Synapse Analytics, an asynchronous analytical service offering integration of various data sources, data warehousing and analysis big Data In a single service that generates knowledge in record time.
  • The entire transformation process, including the adoption of Power BI for informed decision making, has been developed by ENCAMINA, an exclusive Microsoft partner.

Martinez Family, One of the largest corporate divisions and with the highest market share in Spain within the food industry, integrates five major companies, such as Sausage Martinez, Platos Traditional, Cinco Tenadores, La Pilla Food and Quikuk, and has more than 1,800 There are employees. This development and the diversity of existing systems in each company was complicating the possibility of having one Overview and Analysis of Costssales or results in a grouped manner and, therefore, Decision making is difficult.

In its business of continuous improvement, the organization has embarked on an ambitious project to integrate and harness its internal data backed by Azure, the Microsoft cloud. the company has imposed Azure Synapse AnalyticsAn asynchronous analytical service offering integration of various data sources, data warehousing For companies and Big Data analysis in a single service that generates knowledge in record time; And Microsoft Power BI Tap KPIs for visualization in clear and intuitive panels and through personalized dashboards. In addition, its easy integration with other Microsoft tools, such as Microsoft 365, provides Familia Martinez with enterprise-grade performance and governance for self-service analysis on all data.

By standardizing data analytics systems across companies and departments 78% reduction in human errors, Data has been accessed 35% fasterthis is done time saved dedicated to data processing from 26% and they have 12% increase in quick decision making.

Integrate data to transform the company

Familia Martínez needed to order, classify, and extract value from its stored information to facilitate data-based decision making. in the words of Roberto López, Corporate CTO of the Martinez Family: ,Reconciling all this data from disparate systems was a manual process that was prone to error and in early 2022, we set ourselves the challenge of solving this problem. We needed to integrate data and reports so that decision makers could do so with the certainty of seeing the right data. We also wanted to standardize the data analysis tools so that any department or individual could work with it and know how to interpret it.,

Thanks to Microsoft Tools, Familia Martinez Now Work with your data faster, more productively and securelyTo generate knowledge of various sources of data. and, most importantly, the combination of capabilities of data engineering, machine learning Y Business Intelligence Without creating silos across processes and tools. ,We have managed to have real-time viewing of the most important data for decision making. Now, the management team can access reports for four companies without constantly making requests for information from third parties“, Highlights Raul Martin, Corporate General Director of Familia Martinez.

A solution in line with the corporate digitization strategy

The project is done by ENCAMINA, partner From Microsoft, who has been in charge of helping Familia Martinez get the most out of the new tools, in addition to analyzing the company’s needs, determining and deploying the best solutions.

The commitment to technology within Familia Martinez has always been a reality that the entire management team is aware of. It’s their engine, he says, and a necessary step in achieving the digital transformation needed in today’s marketplace.

About the Martinez Family

Familia Martínez is a corporate division that integrates five major companies in the Spanish food industry, namely Embutidos Martínez, Platos Tradicionales, Cinco Tenedores, La Pila Food and Quicook. The mission shared by these firms is to create delicious, healthy, simple and sustainable solutions to feed more than 1.5 million people every day.

Of a family nature, the companies making Familia Martinez provide direct employment to more than 1,800 people in its various plants spread between Madrid and Valencia.

About Encamina

ENCAMINA is a technology consultancy with over 20 years of experience in the ICT sector. Its mission is to boost the productivity and innovation of medium and large organizations around the world through relevant projects and managed services. Its differentiating factors are its products, its excellence in Microsoft technology and its Piensa En Colores attitude, a fresh, optimistic and team way of approaching work and day-to-day technical challenges.

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