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Season 3: Echoes Within is available now Hello AnantWhich brings the biggest multiplayer update to the game since its launch, including (for the first time ever) a new weapon and a new equipment.

players will be able to enter three new mapswith black pepper New Bandit M392 RifleHide using the new tool shroud screenprogress in 100 level battle pass and many more (launch trailer,

Here’s a quick rundown of what’s being added to multiplayer Hello Anant With Season 3: Echoes Within:

  • new maps– Three new maps join the rotation, including the Cliffhanger (ONI research site) and Chasm (Zeta Halo substructure) Arena maps, and the Oasis Team Warfare map (ideal for vehicular action).
  • new weapon , rifle hood:’s first new weapon Hello Anant, Designed to reward accuracy and precision, the M392 Bandit semi-automatic rifle is perfect for medium-range engagements. With formidable stopping power unique to Super Soldier, the Bandit Rifle is more lethal with well-timed and accurate shots.
  • New Team – shroud screen– Shroud Screen is the first new gear item Hello Anant, and includes a manual launcher that allows the player to aim and fire off an opaque, circular screen. Although projectiles can pass through this screen, players outside will not be able to see through it and vice versa. Additionally, players inside will be hidden from their opponents’ motion sensors. Strategic positioning, map knowledge and timing will be key to gaining an advantage over your enemies with the Shroud Screen.
  • New Mode – Escalation Slayer: comes on Hello Anant Like a new arena game mode. Available as a team and FFA version, Escalation Slayer requires players to eliminate their opponents in order to progress through a wide array of weapons. With each kill comes a new weapon before winning the final challenge to take out an enemy player with Oddball.
  • 100 tier battle pass– Purchase Echoes within the Premium Battle Pass to instantly unlock the Redsteel Splinter Legendary Armor skin for all available Corps. With over 100 levels of rewards including 1,000 Halo credits, Echoes also offers players a fourth Challenge slot within the Premium Battle Pass and additional XP throughout Season 3.

In Case You Missed It: Last week, we announced that forge mod beta Hello Anant crossed one million creations and 8.5 million custom games played since the launch of the custom browser. and tomorrow, in xbox wireSean Baron, Head of Live Services at 343 Industries, shared more details on what we can expect from Season 3: Echoes Within.

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