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Dell Technologies, a global IT provider, has included various Microsoft Viva modules in its sales vertical with an aim to meet the specific needs of its employees, transforming their approach to learning and development. This implementation, in addition to the daily use of teams the organization already has, helps them streamline the sales force while facilitating collaboration, innovation, connection and efficiency from virtually anywhere.

When Bruce Sanchez, Global Director of Learning Technology and Sales Development dell technologiesWhen you reflect on how employees in your organization acquire new knowledge or skills, such as cloud solutions or conversational technologies, you know that they often do so with some difficulty. ,In the present context, we learn on the fly whenever we need tohe says, referring to the wide range of options from search engines to how-to videos. ,Sales teams are no exception. They also want to find the information they need, when they need it, wherever they are.,

Sanchez and his colleagues in the sales development field were looking for an approach that fit the current way of learning. ,We mainly needed self-taught more than instructional training“, says Sanchez. «we deploy microsoft viva theme To focus on the specific needs of our sales representatives, recognizing that the way they sell and learn has changed”.

This was the first phase of Dell’s inclusion of various Viva modules. ,we use viva themes, viva connection why viva insight To support employee training and increase efficiency in workflows“, says Sanchez. Dell, with its vision of progress, knows that technology is key to improving the way people work, both for its employees and customers around the world. «i am impressed with our company“, reflects Sanchez. «Whether it’s hybrid work, employee development, or reinventing learning, Dell teams are always interested in trying new things. Using Microsoft Viva is the latest example of how technology is helping them get ahead,

A new strategy for sharing knowledge

In mid-2020, Sandra Murtagh, vice president of Global Sales Learning and Development at Dell Technologies, and Karen Butcher, director of the Office of Global Sales Learning and Development Transformation, created a division to optimize the sales force for the long term. , Focusing on the user experience, Murtagh and Butcher set a goal of improving workflow. ,We want to make sales training accessible and simple, We do not want them to leave what they are doing and go somewhere else to take a course or get information.«, explain the butcher.

Before Viva Topics were introduced, employees had to leave the workflow to find information. ,We relied on old relationships and contacted the same peopleLet’s remember Murtagh. Similarly, Bruce Sanchez recalls the previous contact system as informal and slow. ,You were calling somebody who might know somebody who might know somebody“, he says. And here, Dell saw an opportunity for change. «Now, we are using Viva themes to find new collaborations between work areas,

viva theme Uses the organization’s own data for subject cards, providing key information within the Microsoft 365 applications employees already work with. With this Microsoft solution, Dell made visible the information that already existed within the company. With Viva Topics’ search and analysis capabilities, Dell’s sales R&D units can provide their salespeople a faster and easier way to locate information and experts when they need them. And because this solution integrates with leading Microsoft applications – such as Microsoft Teams– Topic cards that identify experts in the same field lead to new collaborations among employees. ,Often people find the Viva Topics page, look up a colleague’s name, and contact them through Teams.Sanchez says.

Accessible and Broad: Viva Connections Powers a New Global Intranet at Dell

Michael Belanger, Dell’s Director of Corporate Communications, has worked on Dell’s intranet strategy and deployment. ,The intent is to provide our team members with a unified experience for communication, collaboration and achieving great results. Leverages Viva Connections in Dell Intranet Teams to display relevant information directly to team members wherever they are doing their work«, says Belanger.

Dell has been opting for hybrid work for years, and Microsoft Viva Connection It’s the tool that has made it easy for them to collaborate, innovate, connect and be efficient from virtually anywhere. ,We need solutions that help our team members deliver their best at any time and place keeping in mind the current reality marked by hybrid working.“, says Belanger. «With Viva Connections, teams go from one workplace to another where you can also learn via intranet«, completes Belanger.

Sanchez says that, during the early days of the COVID-19 pandemic, Dell employees working from home demanded flexibility and the ability to perform their duties from multiple devices. ,One of our basic principles is ‘Anywhere, Anytime’. You should always have the same experience and information at your disposal. The fact that we’ve been able to make the mobile version of Viva Connections available to our teams has been highly effective.,

Dell believes Viva Connections serves to support a globally connected and flexible work culture that defines work as a result, not a location or schedule. The company uses Microsoft tools to provide relevant content directly to its team members – wherever they are – in a coordinated manner.

The Information Effect: Supporting Employee Well-Being With Personalized Recommendations

Srikanth Ramaswamy, global head of collaboration services at Dell Technologies, says: “At Dell, we are committed to helping our employees build enriching and rewarding careers. The way we can Viva Insights can empower our teams, improve their cohesion and productivity, Currently, the Viva Insights module is gaining traction across the Dell organization, with tens of thousands of sales employees expected to incorporate it in the coming months.

Michael Gray, head of strategy and presales programs at Dell Technologies, has already used the module. ,Me and both my sales associates have already seen the positive effects of Viva Insights., One of the drawbacks of hybrid or remote work was the tendency to overwork“, Explain. Through Viva Insights, employees will have the information they need to control their day. «For me, the ‘concentration time’ functionality has been very useful. For example, taking two hours to work without interruption helps me feel more productive at the end of the day., Michael Gray also appreciates that the ‘Praise’ feature in Viva Insights makes it easy for him to recognize the achievement of peers: “It’s great to have that reminder to let someone know they did a good job.,

Even in the experimental phase, Viva Insights del Culture proved to be a great ally. ,We have a culture of mutual cooperation. I’m curious to find out how microsoft viva Continue to help us as more areas of our organization begin adoption“Grey finish.

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