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Danish company carlsberg group It has been offering its customers great tasting beer with great flavor for over 175 years. However, being a global organization has its challenges, especially when it comes to growing your employee base and global presence through internal communications while fostering an inclusive culture. To overcome these barriers and unite your employees, Carlsberg has developed a centralized platform based on Microsoft VIVA Connection and integrated with Microsoft Teams, New Intranet, Carlsnet, Improved internal outreach and engagementIt turns out to be a very useful tool when it comes to finding news and resources, in or out of the office. On the top, Carlsnet has added teams Helping you in your goal of providing a great digital employee experience, across all departments, from all three areas of the organization.

,We’ve been focusing a lot on digital customer experience in recent years, which got us thinking: why not apply the same approach when it comes to the internal digital experience of our employees?Reflection Anne-Sophie Sternmark, Service Owner, Microsoft Office 365 at Carlsberg Group.

,We don’t ask our customers to access multiple apps to buy beer, so why do we require our employees to open a bunch of apps at the start of their workday? Dice Brandmark. ,That’s where Viva Connections and Teams come into the picture. This allows us to use Teams as a single portal for our employees.”,

But for the Danish company, this ambition presented an early challenge. Communication between its markets relied on information cascading through various disjointed channels and, in some cases, local communication means, which meant that there was no single source of communication information.

To address this issue and encourage employee inclusion and participation, Carlsberg partnered with Microsoft and its partners. open communication group To build a unique brand platformThe organization’s most widely used collaboration app: with resources integrated directly into Microsoft Teams.

,This is the solution that has really helped us unite and connect with our workers.”Confirms the trademark.

Brewery upgrade with a long history

Carlsberg is a Danish brewing company with a long tradition and a steadfast purpose: to make beer to improve today and tomorrow. In fact, its headquarters are still located in Valby, Copenhagen, on a hill where its founder built the first brewery. Today, its employees are spread across multiple markets and geographies, adding local flavor to the well-known brand.

,One of the most exciting aspects of working here is being a part of the global Carlsberg community.«, confirms Strandmark. ,It is a veritable hub of cultures, languages ​​and ways of seeing the world»,

,At Carlsberg, we are proud of our employees around the world.«, confirms Joris Huygsman, EVP Chief Human Resources Officer, Carlsberg Group. ,It is very important to us to provide an environment that fosters a sense of belonging and belonging for each individual. And at the same time, promotes integration into our workforce, which is characterized by its high performance. Whether it’s staying up to date on the latest company news and resources, or talking with colleagues around the world, connecting digitally is one way we achieve our goals.”,

Another component that defines the Carlsberg culture is desire. bet on digitization, ,A Over the years, we have maintained our identity, but we have continued to grow by adopting new ways of working including the integration of technology.”, explain the landmark. ,From monitoring beer levels with sensors on kegs to automated service at the factory, digitization is embedded in everything we do.”,

But despite this progress, Carlsberg’s ethos of “always on the move” and relentless pursuit of excellence has seen the company setting new and greater ambitions for its internal operations.

,Being such a large company has many advantages, but it also has its own constraints», confirms the landmark. ,It’s a challenge we were excited to overcome »,

Isolated processes make communication difficult

,Our editorial team was producing great content that employees weren’t seeing, in large part because the previous intranet was not accessible via mobile.”, says Emily D’Alterio, director of communications for the Carlsberg Group. ,We needed a technology-driven strategy with a centralized approach that responded to the different needs of each local market.,

Until recently, the various markets in which Carlsberg operated had their own intranets in the local language and did not allow users to interact with the content or translate it, making the experience less engaging and information largely inaccessible. It depended on each country separately. This hindered the accessibility of internal communications of the organization.

,With Carlsnet, employees can now easily translate content into their local language, as well as like, tag and comment directly from the Teams app on their mobile phone.”With Anne-Sophie.

Twice a year, Carlsberg conducts studies to measure the degree of satisfaction of its employees with the use of various digital tools. ,Our surveys show that they feel confident using Teams, information that is supported by usage data: Nearly 70% of employees use Microsoft Teams and hold nearly 8,000 meetings a day.”, confirms Tim Lauridsen, Director of Global Digital Workplace at Carlsberg Group. ,That’s why we decided to build Teams as the core app because we knew it would best serve the needs of the workforce.”Add.

The company hosted meetings with Microsoft and its partner, the Open Communications Group, to brainstorm what the ideal employee experience would be and what role the intranet should play in promoting inclusivity. ,The debate led us to create an internal communication strategy and a key point within this was the use of Microsoft Viva Connection Directly across teams to create an intranet that will improve our efficiency, respond to employee needs and create a sense of ownership.says Emily D’Altario, director of communications for the Carlsberg Group.

Brewery will prepare for arrival

At 8 a.m. on Monday, September 19, Carlsberg’s 29,000 employees accessed the organization’s new intranet. This great change was celebrated accordingly: «We had cupcakes with edible QR codes, which automatically triggered Carlsnet when scanned Microsoft Teams, We also installed a wallpaper to promote the launch, and offices around the world ran their own activation campaigns to celebrate. It was an exciting time for everyone.”concluded D’Alterio.

The IT team didn’t want to overwhelm employees with too many changes at once, but they needed to create a sense of urgency. ,We had to encourage 100 content creators to migrate before launch«, explain the landmark. ,It was not just about running an awareness campaign for Carlsnet; We were starting a cultural change within Carlsberg.”,

New intranet provides immediate benefits

made with Microsoft Viva ConnectionNew dashboard Allows Carlsberg employees to easily access work equipment, see what’s on the cafeteria menu, receive important information, and more, ,It’s a seamless experience where users rarely have to leave the app. Its ability to integrate also allows us to add a personal touch»confirms Lauridson.

to help employees use adaptive cardan extension for Customize the Intranet User Interface, Microsoft organized various workshops. These cards display content, tools and resources on the dashboard, encouraging them to search and discover news and updates.

,Since its launch in September, Access to internal news increased by 50% globally and visits to the new intranet increased by 27% compared to its predecessor»Confirms the trademark.

Users can also find resources and tools that enhance their work experience, such as the Editorial Team, which saves time editing and uploading content. ,The technology we’re using for CarlsNet is something we can continue to improve the employee experience to retain and attract the best talent.”confirms Lauridson.

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